Who Is This God Anyway?
One Man's Pursuit of God and the Wonders He Discovered
By: Mark Moyers

With thought provoking examples, insightful points, and a twist of offbeat humor, “Who Is This God Anyway?” draws you into the author's world leaving you more blessed than when you entered. Tackling many tough and confusing issues Christians face, Mark brings clarity and a new perspective to each. “Who Is This God Anyway?” is truth in simple terms, making it relatable to readers from all walks of life and age groups.

Not your ordinary biblical teaching, “Who Is This God Anyway?” is a handbook for Christian living intended for all Christians regardless of the depth of their relationship with God. Even those who have never before studied the Bible or read biblical teachings find its content to be engaging, informative and enjoyable.

See God through Mark's eyes and experience this wondrous, Almighty God in new and interesting ways many never knew possible. Stories and observations from Mark's life bear witness to God's goodness, and bring God closer to the reader. Each time you read it you will see something new you hadn't seen before. Allow Mark to light the way to true blessings in Christ Jesus and the lifetime of blessings God intends for you to have.

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